The Breath of the Devil 

​​​​​​​Human beings constantly interact with the outside world through breathing. In the external environment, the existences that cannot be defined and confirmed-monsters, are also inhaled and exhaled by us. This makes everyone’s body part of the monster, they grow and change with us. When we draw monsters, we actually draw the invisible human mind.

It's Time to Eat

Sunset and Newborn

The alternation of life is a moment. The passing away and the new life must have met.

Viral Carnival 

The Way Home

A Night Trip along the Yellow Sand Road

The bright moon keeps magpies, in their roost, astir.

At midnight, with a cold breeze, cicadas chirr.

In rice-fields, frogs croak in a riot of sound,

As though heralding a good harvest all round.

We Share DNA

The Confrontation between Life and Death

Nature I loved,

and next to Nature, Art;

I warmed both hands before the fire of life;

It sinks,

and I am ready to depart.

Scented Tea - Nirvana Rebirth of flowers 

Life is not what we are suffering but that of its poems and of its great perhaps 

 Found the Lost World under the Sea

If you ignore people's skin color, you will see a colorful world

 Fake News?

The Flying Kites 

The relationship between father and children is that he stands on the side of the kite watching you fly further and further.

The Cole flower field in my hometown 

ICU delirium is a hallucinogenic state that afflicts 80 percent of patients on ventilators.
It can persist even after patients return home.

Tiger and Rose 

Tiger and rose are two side of our hearts. Without the rose, we will become reckless and vulgar; if without the tiger, we will become weak and lose our spirit.
No matter what kind of person, as long as there is love in the heart, it will become gentle and carefully approach the beauty.

This Software will give You a Fake Face to Protect Your Privacy 

Nude Awakening : Can the Nudist get its Groove Back?

Learn How to Put Your Money Where Your Mind is

99% of American Professional Football Players Suffer from Brain Lesions (CA 2020 shortlist; Ijungle Awards 2019, Merit Award/ New Talent​​​​​​​

Reclaiming the Word ‘Cunt’ (Jerk Magazine)

Male Birth Control (Jerk Magazine)


Self portrait 

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